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new 3D italian doors Condoleo Porte art,surface 3D, for uou в Италии

Возможна доставка в регионы Продавец: Giuseppe Della vita

CONDOLEO PORTE, located in Southern Italy, is a company that thanks to its innovative marble decoration system, produces a new line of 3D decorated doors (SURFACE 3D). Furthermore, with the help of other new generation technologies, it creates vividly decorated 2D doors in wood and glass that are both modern and elegant. We also produce doors with fiber optics suitable for commercial spaces, and many other series that span from the classic to the modern. The possibility of using a great variety of processing techniques, models and material, all boasting the high quality of Italian standards and of creating a great quantity of custom made models of doors with 2D and 3D decorations both in wood and glass, allows both architects and interior designers to personalize any space so as to render it unique.  

We would like to offer you the possibility of becoming a CONDOLEO PORTE reseller in your country. We are confident that our doors, which in Italy are gaining popularity thanks to their innovative nature, will receive the same success in the global market.


For further information and for a catalogue, please feel free to contact me.


Best regards,

Продавец Giuseppe Della vita
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